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Use of the Personal Ads forums

Discussion in 'Personal Ads' started by Badknees, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. Badknees

    Badknees Meg Pilot (retired) and Forum KGB

    Jan 19, 2008
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    After a few comments and misunderstanding with regards to the personal Ads its been suggested that this sticky goes up as a reminder of how to use it.

    · The "Personal Ads " forums are not a place to criticise, comment on or in other way speak to the reliability or history of products for sale.

    · Nothing should in any way detract from the intention of the OP through unnecessary discussion, particularly by third parties who have no intention to buy or sell, unless requested by the member starting the thread. Messages commenting on the quality or value of a deal negatively are expressly forbidden as are messages that “flame”, “troll” or otherwise negatively attack a company or individual for their business practices. Honest, fact-based criticism can be posted in the appropriate forum elsewhere on the site.

    · Posting competing or counter offers to an advertisement in this forum immediately after another company's or individual's post simply as a means of under-cutting the first advertiser is expressly forbidden.

    · All members must read any and all sticky or announcement threads related to additional rules or restrictions that may exist in a particular Personal ads sub-forum.

    · Any suspicious or dubious adverts should in the first instance be reported to the moderators using the report function their consideration and response and not publicly without good evidence that something untoward is being offered.

    · UKD is not responsible for any item sold or purchased through these forums.

    · It is the members responsibility to ensure that any item purchased be fit for purpose, and that any repairs, maintenance or service is carried out prior to use.
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