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Sound of Mull May 2014

Discussion in 'Trip Reports' started by Scunnered, May 19, 2014.

  1. Scunnered

    Scunnered Active Member

    Aug 26, 2010
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    Have just returned from a 3-day trip to Lochaline with my local dive club. The first two days we were on the Brendan with Simon / Malcolm and Sunday we were on the Peregrine with Malcolm as skip.

    Day 1 – Due to a wee cock up (skipper arrived late) we only managed 2 dives on Friday, however both were very nice as the sun was out and seas were calm. Dive 1 was the Hispania. The viz was around 5-10 metres and there was plenty of life about. There was only the very smallest bit of current at the start but then nothing for the rest of the dive. Popped into Tobermory for the surface interval where I picked up a nice bottle of 10yo single malt. Dive 2 was Calve Island – plenty of stuff to see Wrasse, Pollock, Dogfish also quite a number of Jellyfish about.

    Day 2 – On Saturday the weather was not so good. There wasn’t much wind so the seas were calm, but it pretty much rained the whole day. Dive 1 Auliston Point – a nice wall dive with lots of nooks & crannies to look in. Dive 2 was the Shuna, another lovely wreck, but we arrived just after another group of divers so the site was a bit silted up but still good enough to get a great view of the prop. Dive 3 was a scallop bash at Fishnish bay which sorted out dinner.

    Day 3 – Much the same as Saturday; rain but little wind. Dive 1 was the John Preston Wall. Viz was OK below about 20 metres (I guess about 5-10), but above that it reduced dramatically to between 3 & 5 metres. Dive 2 we went over to the Rondo. Dropped to about 25 metres and then worked our way up the wreck to about 15 metres when we headed off to explore the reef. There were quite a number of what looked like spider crabs but everything else was hiding or shy. Headed back to the wreck at about 100bar and continued working our way up. The plaque commemorating a diver who died on the wreck has been moved and now sits inside the wreck at about 10 metres having previously been on the outside at about 5 metres.

    So that was it, another Sound of Mull trip over, can’t wait to get back in September!
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  2. snowman

    snowman Active Member

    Nov 13, 2010
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    Our club spent a week up in Lochaline diving the Sound of Mull in 2013.

    The diving was spectacular for the UK, imo, with good viz and some stunningly good dives both wreck and wall.

  3. Sandro

    Sandro Member

    Aug 15, 2015
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    Thanks for sharing, I have watched some videos on YouTube and it seems a very good destination.... put it on my to do list!

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