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Red Sea diving-star offers

Discussion in 'Organised Diving Trips' started by diving star, Mar 31, 2017.

  1. diving star

    diving star New Member

    Mar 27, 2017
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    Welcome All the dive forum divers, we would like to offer you diving in Hurghada: This marine reserve with a modest entry fee has a host of dive sites characterized by steep drop offs, fabulous coral reefs and the possibility of encounters with barracuda, tuna and even bigger pelagic species. That's if you can tear your eyes away from the gorgonians and marine life that populate the caverns and ledges. The frequently strong currents often dictate drift dives. The protection coming with marine reserve status really pays off here with abundant marine life and great diving.

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  2. Tel

    Tel Super Moderator
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    Jun 26, 2014
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    Sounds amazing and welcome to the forum and your one free advert.
    If you want to discuss how you can support us via sponsorship so you can post more, get in touch :)

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