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Qualified to what depth AOW?

Discussion in 'New to Scuba Diving' started by pitdiver, Oct 17, 2017.

  1. Dave Whitlow

    Dave Whitlow Well-Known Member

    Oct 27, 2010
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    Yeah, the guys in the local dive club teach neutral buoyancy from day one and it becomes the expectation for all diving skills, a bit like real-life diving, and doesn't make training some damaged form of diving where good practice is discarded to facilitate poor instruction.
  2. Wibble

    Wibble Fish don't talk
    UKD Supporter

    Apr 7, 2014
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    By complete coincidence, "kneeling on the bottom" came up today whilst a bunch of us were chatting at a PADI LDS -- first time for a long time since I last dived with them.

    Apparently there's one skill in the DiveMASTER course that needs to be done whilst on the bottom: the BCD removal. It's supposedly simulating removing the BCD if it were caught or broken o a wreck or suchlike.

    Sod's law had it that I happened to stumble across them just at that point and just ass-u-me-d that all skills were done like this. Aparrently not. As I'm never going to do a DM, I'll never know for sure.

    Main point stands though: there's good DMs and bad DMs often those who've little experience of real diving.
  3. 60plus

    60plus Member

    Apr 14, 2018
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    BCD remove and replace has to be done for PADI OW. This has to be done underwater usually at the bottom but PADI are reviewing this with a view to stipulating that it has to be done mid water in neutral buoyancy conditions. For PADI OW you also have to be able to put your BCD on at the surface. I twice had the misfortune to have my final OW exercises disrupted by rough sea conditions (Instructors deemed it too rough) so before my next attempt I booked some pool sessions for practice. I was determined that unless the sea conditions were totally undriveable I was going to complete my OW. One of my pool sessions was with BASAC who do not have to do the BCD exercise. I told my buddy (A BSAC instructor) that no matter how much difficulty I appeared to be in just let me sort it out. In the pool I would normally have 2 kg in the BCD and 2 kg on my belt. The BSAC buddy assured me 2 kg in the BCD would be enough, and as a guest of the club I did not want to argue. Got in the pool and could not descend. My belt was back in changing room so to save time an extra 2 kg was put in the BCD. Kneeled on the bottom but upon removing the BCD and putting it in front of me I floated up feet first, BCD on the bottom, my fins at the surface. I still had the reg in my mouth and hands on BCD. I took a while to figure out what I was going to do. I pulled the BCD close to my chest then rolled onto my back so it was above me. I then put my right arm across my chest and into the right shoulder strap. I then spun my body under the BCD feeding my right arm fully into the BCD whilst getting my left arm in also. I then managed to do up all the straps and get my BCD properly adjusted despite being all ways up. I think my antics caused quite a bit of amusement to the BSAC onlookers.
    Also for PADI OW you have to remove and refit weight belt, not just do an emergency weight drop. Although I initially found these exercises a bit daunting I now find I can do them very easily and it has given me a lot of confidence in the water.
  4. barrygoss

    barrygoss Active Member

    Mar 7, 2012
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    Having just seen a full BCD remove and replace on FB through a PADI shop in Gilli, I think 60plus maybe your out of date time...


    Oh and the fact you didn’t realise putting all the lead in the jacket, then taking the jacket off and wondering why you floated, would make me laugh as well.

    You can’t cure stupid. Troll or not.
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