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  1. kevin b
  2. kevin b
    Try leg gaiters
    Post by: kevin b, Dec 30, 2019 in forum: Dry Suits
  3. kevin b
  4. kevin b
  5. kevin b
  6. kevin b
    Thanks for replies.
    Post by: kevin b, Sep 23, 2019 in forum: General Scuba Diving
  7. kevin b
  8. kevin b
  9. kevin b
  10. kevin b
  11. kevin b
  12. kevin b
  13. kevin b
    20 to 40 metres
    Post by: kevin b, Jan 17, 2019 in forum: General Scuba Diving
  14. kevin b
  15. kevin b
  16. kevin b
    Post by: kevin b, Jan 17, 2019 in forum: General Scuba Diving
  17. kevin b
  18. kevin b
  19. kevin b
  20. kevin b
    Thanks for all your input guys.
    Post by: kevin b, Nov 16, 2018 in forum: Dry Suits
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