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Pressure group calculation

Discussion in 'General Scuba Diving' started by johnmitch93, May 16, 2008.

  1. johnmitch93

    johnmitch93 Member

    One thing I've been looking for on t'internet - and not found - is some sort of Help file / FAQ thing which I can use to confirm (or correct) my dive log calculations.

    Yes, I could develop an Excel sheet which produces PGs for given depths and times, but sort of wanted the results now.

    I'm fairly confident that my maths is up to the job, but I am surprised I haven't found anything yet.

    Anyone seen anything like it?
  2. Carlylove

    Carlylove Member

    Surely a PGC dive slate with a little knowledge will do this?

    A PADI calculator thing http://www.simplyscuba.com/ProductDetails.aspx?StockID=14083 should make life easy for you or a dive computer will do it for you.
  3. Tom

    Tom New Member UKDivers Supporter

    Yeh I find the ERDP a great bit of useful kit, once you master the tables, wheel etc its a useful tool for dive planning, I wish there was a multilevel, nitrox ERDP, it would make life a little easier, saying that the computer on my wrist thinks for you, but its useful knowing how they work etc as a backup.
  4. vidiotic.

    vidiotic. New Member

    I got taught with the wheel and RDP and its pretty simple stuff.

    On a side note isn't using a ERDP compulsory now for DM training?
  5. rick

    rick Member

    Yep... you have to be familiar with tables, wheel and eRDP use Thumbs Up
  6. Stix

    Stix New Member UKDivers Supporter

    Although it is worth mentioning that BOTH the DM exams and IE both allow either / or use of the RDP / eRDP in the relevant sections. Wheel still has its own section. 10 questions each area on DM exam and 5 each area on IE
  7. Badknees

    Badknees Meg Pilot and Forum KGB Staff Member UKDivers Supporter

    Once learnt tables are easy and most tables follow the same routine, be it padi or IANTD tables.

    Once you start doing more involved deeper, longer mixed gas dives you will be using tables a lot more often and not just rely on your computer.

    There are several dive plan software on the market and free, pro planner, V planner all though they don't give you pressure grouping they can help you plan your dives.

  8. carolineUK

    carolineUK New Member

    i was taught with the RDP table but now see there is the wheel also.
    So i need to know how to use this.

    I like the idea of the ERDP BUT i also in a *weird* way like working out my PG using the good old fashioned rdp.

    Im aiming to learn how to calculate my PG on multilevel diving when i do my AOW.

    its all interesting and clever how someone came up with the RDP and how to work out how much nitrogen is left in your body after a dive.
  9. Bobco

    Bobco Active Member UKDivers Supporter

    I use pro planner, its a bit clunky but gets the job done, but its not realy Sport diver stuff.
  10. johnmitch93

    johnmitch93 Member

    A 'Pro Planner' eh?


    Umm, what's one of them, then?
  11. Shoka

    Shoka Stripy Fish Specialist UKDivers Supporter

  12. Bobco

    Bobco Active Member UKDivers Supporter

    Yep thats the one, its old but it works

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