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Mares F-Light

Discussion in 'Dive Equipment' started by aquablue, Oct 27, 2010.

  1. aquablue

    aquablue New Member

    DaveS: Moved from another thread to allow more related responses.

    I am looking around for diving equipment.
    I've been looking at BCDs for holiday use and found the new Mares F-Light had a good review on Divernet.com, it is designed to be light for the purpose of flying (luggage weight). Has anyone used this BCD? There are also other companies making BCDs aimed for travelling by air.
  2. countshagula

    countshagula Member

    i don't believe anything could be lighter than the aqualung zuma.
    its about 4 1/2 pounds (2kg for euro slaves)
  3. Steppenwolf

    Steppenwolf Well-Known Member

    I have used my Aeris Reef Rider for all 155 dives thus far. Very light at 2.5Kg, works like a wing and has storage space too. It is marketed as a Travel BCD.
  4. WindnTin

    WindnTin Member

    For my two pence worth, I bought a Cressi Travelight after reading some good reviews, only used it for 4 dives so far but does the job perfectly.

    Weight system is nice and secure, plenty of room in the pockets and lots of D'rings for hanging bits off.
  5. sjwhite26

    sjwhite26 Member

    I also have the Cressi travelight cracking bit of kit. Was a little worried about the lift capabilities, but had no problem bobbing around the Maldives waiting for the dhoni to come and get me. Recommended.

    I have the medium and I think it weighs about 3.5kg. Cressi do another travel BCD without the integrated weight pockets, which would make it even lighter!
  6. aquablue

    aquablue New Member

    I got the Mares F-light BCD and have tried it out in the pool during my Drysuit course; I am very happy with it. It has weight pockets at the top end of the tank, helpful for drysuit diving to spread out the weight. There are plenty of places to clip on gear, and the releases etc. are all good. This is just what I needed for UK and overseas diving.
    The best thing though, is that Mares thow in a free whistle with the BCD :)
  7. aquablue

    aquablue New Member

    I eventually bought the F-Light and have dived many times since with it, taking it abroad to different places. I found it to be an ideal BCD for the purpose of travel, suiting my needs for diving abroad.

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